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Health&Welfare Prismist

World's best photocatalytic deodorant and antibacterial effect of patented technology

It is a spray type deodorant and antibacterial agent employing photocatalyst technology. There are three types: 50 ml for portable use, 200 ml which can be used at home and in the workplace etc., and 300 ml for refilling. Besides having excellent deodorant and antibacterial effect, it is a bottle design that can be used as an interior element as well.

strong point of product
The biggest feature is that the photocatalytic effect that could only be obtained under ultraviolet light conventionally can be demonstrated even under a slight light in the room by the patented technology. Third party organizations are conducting verification on various fungi and viruses and it has been proven that they can obtain sufficient effect even under visible light. Also, since safety to a human body is also verified by the third party organization, both tests have cleared the standard values so that you can use it with confidence in environments with small children, elderly people, and pets.
delivery record
Since we have just started selling in December 2017, we have no past results, but we have received many inquiries from many retail stores.
purpose of use,
business category,
You can use it at facilities such as hotels, sports gyms, restaurants, nursing homes and nurseries where smells and bacteria are a concern. Also, since it is a product that you can use in your home and everyday life, we believe that you can expect sales at retail stores and e-commerce companies.