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Health&Welfare Clearly iluminated safety plaque

Are you satisfied with the marks that people around you do not notice?

The wheelchair marks currently on the market include sticker type, magnet type, sucker type and so on. In these products, sunburn marks remain on the body after peeling off, they are peeled off and it gets lost, and there are currently no smoked glass cars, so there is no means to attach them unobtrusively, even at night the presence of marks have disappeared. In order to solve all these disadvantages, we use a suction cup type to attach to the rear window in the car, eliminate the problems of sunburn marks and loss and give the mark which stands out even at night through smoke glass by lighting the mark. By making the wheelchair mark stand out, it is a product that can contribute to a safe and safe car society by expressing the feeling of caring of the surrounding driver, giving a margin to the distance between the cars, suppressing excessive interruption, and so on.

strong point of product
1, It is a commodity that makes it stand out by letting the wheelchair mark light up even in the evening with smoked glass. With this product, people around you will notice, so you can feel driving with attention. Based on optical design technologies accumulated over many years, we have summarized it into a thin and compact plate by theoretical optical simulation. Main body size: 85×110mm 2, Easy connection with USB, there is no worry about running out of the battery. Those who mainly use this item are supposed to be a father / mother who drives a home car using a wheelchair such as Grandpa's and Grandma's. I made it a product that can be easily connected by USB conversion of cigar socket. Since the cable has 5 m, it can easily follow inconspicuous wiring along the lining gap. Wiring method is scheduled to be posted on HP. 3, We made it possible to achieve high quality and mass productivity by a devised configuration with general-purpose parts. Retail price (planned): 3,500 yen.
purpose of use,
business category,
Those who mainly use this product are supposed to be a father / mother driving a car of a family who uses a wheelchair such as grandfathers and grandmothers. In addition, we are assuming use at a daycare center, nursing home, welfare facility etc. to pick up people using wheelchairs.