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Industry&Technology Water hydraulic cylinders for disaster prevention, food processing, and shipping equipment

New drive system (water hydraulic cylinders) resolving the weakness of oil hydraulic, air pressure and electrical drive systems

strong point of product
Hydraulic flood boards are operable only with the water pressure from the water piping network and do not require a power device unlike oil hydraulic or electric systems. The entire device can be made washable to maintain sanitation, which is suitable for meeting strict health standards such as food processing. By using tap water for the driving system, it can be used in table lifters that generates no environmental pollution.
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Used in the driving system to open/close flood boards to prevent water entry due to torrential rain and high tides. Used to maintain food hygiene in the slicing and pressing process of meat (used in sliders and compressors) Can be applied to areas that were not achievable with conventional oil hydraulic, air pressure, electric drive systems, for example, for table lifters to be used in oil-free, grime-free environments.

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    Fully automatic bathing machine with hydraulic system for nursing care facilities

    New drive system (water hydraulic cylinders) resolving the weakness of...

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