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Health&Welfare Fully automatic bathing machine with hydraulic system for nursing care facilities

New drive system (water hydraulic cylinders) resolving the weakness of oil hydraulic, air pressure and electrical drive systems

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No risk of oil leakage, no industrial waste. With the use of batteries as main power, no risk of electrical leakage. Assistance is just a press of a button, greatly reducing the burden of bathing assistance. Three patents including Bathing Machine No. 5946896, three patents pending, and one utility model registration. Water hydraulic technologies are most suitable for markets that require environmental and sanitary considerations.
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Conventional medical bathtubs are driven by oil hydraulic or electrical systems and require manual assistance during bathing. Our bathing machine can provide bathing assistance with a press of a button (ON/OFF). This fully automatic bathing machine uses water pressure to drive the system, which contributes to maintaining the environment and sanitation of the bathing area and provides a "secure, safe, comfortable and oil-free" bathing experience for the bather as well as caretakers.

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