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Industry&Technology Metal MEMS -fabrication technique of 3D structural part with micro scale accuracy-

Proposal of an integrated processing method of 3D structural parts- material, processing, and bonding

(1) Incorporation of crystal fine materials
(2) Metal foil stamping technology with Nano meter precision
(3) Cold diffusion bonding technique
(4) 3D structural part production technology for metal MEMS
With the above 4 technologies, we have established the production technology of 3D structural part for metal MEMS, which used to be difficult to realize.

strong point of product
*New technology/New product Micropump:
By press working the crystal fine material with Nano meter precision, we have secured the better flow rate performance than that of the existing product.
In addition to the MEMS production technology by the existing semiconductor, the basic technology for the metal MEMS parts' mass production was newly structured.
*Status of patent application: published 2015-178129 "Press processing device",
PCT/JP/74972 "Joining method of stainless steel materials and stainless steel"
Japanese Patent Application No. 2016-084759 "Press mold's production method, press processing method and press mold mechanism"
delivery record
Medical device manufacturer of a joint research
purpose of use,
business category,
Medical device manufacturer, electronics/electrical equipment manufacturer

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