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Green&Community Coreless natural power generator & vortex waterwheel for low water flow

A new agricultural revival waterwheel power generator that can be installed at a river or on land.

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Since the power generator uses the rotation of an internal magnet, it is compact and is light-weight, it cleverly handles the often changing natural energy. It can be used for a long time since it is easy to maintain and never breaks down. The key to efficient conversion of the various conversion devices is the simple connections between them. Constructed to be a hydro-power generator that isn't limited to rivers. This hydro-power generator can be installed anywhere since it is a hybrid generator that uses solar and pumped water power generation. It features power supply both day and night, zero fuel cost due to unlimited water circulation, installation anywhere, and portability. It can provide power for vegetable factories and agriculture where power conservation is necessary, in dry farming or uncultivated land, and its electricity storage capability makes it perfect for islands or overseas. It also supported the reconstruction of Fukushima.
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With the fluctuation of natural energy, our main aim is toward developing efficient power conversion. This is a clever and easy-installing power generator. The circulatory hydro-power generator does not require water flow, and can be placed in an empty lot or on a roof. Using zero-cost solar power, it pumps water in the daytime for occasional selling of power, or small power generation from circulated water. Thanks to the electricity storage function, it is a multi-purpose device.

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