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Green&Community A power generator that combines solar and waterwheel power generation, at zero fuel cost that is portable too.

We will explain the methods for producing this value. We will also cooperate with productization and joint ownership.

strong point of product
Our company's power generator uses the unlimited circulation power of a vortex waterwheel that is also portable. Voltage can be set according to needs, and supply can be provided 24 hours a day. With the combination of solar and hydro power, energy costs are zero. Since it can be installed near where it's needed, it also keeps overhead low. It can be installed at vegetable factories, on building roofs, or in empty lots, and can can be used in disasters since it is portable.
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Since natural energy fluctuates, power conversion is extremely difficult. We provide a coreless power generator that is clever and simple. The circulatory hydro-power generator can be installed anywhere, such as empty lots or on roofs. The zero-cost solar power pumps water and supplies power when needed by circulating water. The electricity storage function is useful in a wide variety of situations, such as in emergencies, for temporary purposes, on construction sites, as well as on islands or overseas.

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