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Improve comfort and wellness with natural (charcoal) underwear

Far-infrared effect, antibacterial / deodorant effect, contact cold feeling effect is available. (All inspected by inspection agency) It is all season correspondence. Because underwear and socks that directly touch the skin can make you feel more effected. It is most suitable for those who care about smell, those who want to improve blood flow by far infrared effect.

strong point of product
Even after washing, the effect lasts because cotton is changed into charcoal yarn not kneaded in charcoal powder.
delivery record
It is deployed as one category within each online mail order, store sales and so on.
purpose of use,
business category,
It is possible to utilize in such as nursing clothing (including underwear) in general, elderly clothing (including underwear), urine leak underwear, socks / underwear for people with a lot of standing work, female sanitary underwear, underwear at leisure such as sports fishing in cold places, socks etc.