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Green&Community TANK-U

Handy! Easy to carry! Innovation for polyethylene-tank!!

Our exhibited polyethylene-tank "TANK-U" has three handles. It is handy, easty to carry which is adds the value to this product. When we look at the conventional poly-tank, it was just made for carrying liquid body. Simply adding the third handle, we can achieve the improvement in the way of carrying. With these three handles, the tank can be carried by two, three people. The tank for helping each other which is very suitable for aging society. Please take a look.

strong point of product
TANK-U's basic property = strong point. Three handles. This is the biggest merit of this product. It is handy, easy to carry comparing with the conventional tank. For example, it is very difficult to carry 18L of tank by one person but with these handles, it can be carried by two or three people. These days we had to see many natural disasters around us and see many people around the water container for rescue with the plastic bottles. We can assure that TANK-U will be very usefull for that kind of situation.
delivery record
This product is not on sale yet.
purpose of use,
business category,
It is simply said that it is a liquid carry device. Any kind of industries can apply and utilize our product

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