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Industry&Technology Real Size Display App"scale post"

Making the society more conveniet with various size

It is the application which can tell you the image of actual size. Scale post: it will display the full-size image by setting up the information of scale size in the image data. Scale post viewer: it will line up and lap over the images which have the information of scale size. scale post: It will show the full-size image data (keeping the information of scale size) which was saved in data base of scale post in the AR space of the terminal which is installed AR3D camera. It is possible to input the image data which was shot by 3D camera of the terminal. It is also possible to set up the information of scale size automatically.

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If you can see the full size image of products at mail order website, it must be very convenient. Especially you can get the real feeling for products such as clothing, glasses and purses by comparing with the actual picture. And it is also convenient to use when you check the furniture or house electronics online becuase you can image how it looks once it is placed in your room. It sometimes happens that you buy something on the mail order website and once the actual products came, you think that this is not what you thought... This kind of problem is caused by the size recognition. There are two rate plans, one is "free" for standard plan and the other one is "\10,000/month" for business plan. The user of mail order website can use the browser for the personal computer and iOS application for smart phone. Both are free of charge. This is the technology and service which is patent pending. We can say this is likely technology that has not realized until now. It is possible to offer the scale post engine by API for seemingly competing services.
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You can see the actual product size on mail order website shopping. It will increase the satisfaction of customers of mail order website. It enables to fit the clothings on mail order website. The number of returned goods will be decreased. Costomer can check the actual layout of the room and there will be no risk that the goods can not be fitted in the room. It is possible to collaborate with catalogues and flyers. You can use it as expanded function of paper media. It can be used for educational archive. Curators can use this to store the size information, Real size insect to see with children

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