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COP resin micro flow paths with a groove width of a few μm to several tens of μm are possible with bonding technology. Multiple packaging for CPC facility is also available.

Micro flow path ? Flow path width: 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm ? Material: COP resin (Validation results proved even with other resins) ? High transparency, high barrier property,
Low impurity → COP resin used also for medical use is less likely to affect biochemical reaction.
? Two injection molded plates are joined by surface modification technique. → Eliminate eluate derived from adhesive by not using adhesive. Cell counter ? scale width: 2.5 μm, graduation depth: 1 μm ? Material: non-disclosure ? injection molded products ? High surface smoothness and graduation clearly visible.
? Inexpensive and disposable compared with glass. Multiple packaging ? Injection molded products manufactured in clean room are packed in 2 to 3 ? iPS cells are cultured in the isolator of CPC facilities.

strong point of product
Our company has been working on technology development of plastic microfabrication for more than 10 years since around 2003.
Among them, the groove processing can be formed up to the width of a few μm, and it has already been applied to the scale of the cell counter etc.
We are now seeing the possibility of creating complicated microchannels relatively freely by combining this microfabrication technology with plastic surface modifying joining technology. Especially, it is technically significant that even COP resin, which was difficult to produce complicated micro flow paths due to poor adhesion property, which attracted attention as a material for imaging devices in medical field or life science field, was technically large It can be said that progress.
As a result, we can expect to develop devices that have never been before, which can be used safely for medical use, can be used as it is for optical equipment, and also with respect to eluates due to non-use of adhesives. Total proposals including packaging can be made if our company has a proven track record for iPS cell research and multiple packaging products for research on regenerative medicine.
delivery record
The cell counter has an actual annual sales record of about JPY 6.5 million in blood and cell research laboratories.
purpose of use,
business category,
Micro flow paths are expected to be applied to various applications in the life sciences field, such as research on single cells, research on proteins, research on liquid biopsies, and the like.

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