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Industry&Technology IoT Wireless LAN controlled Sound Generator "Sound Alarm WSD001A-J"

Ideal for calling / notifying, Sound generator capable of calling alarms from a smartphone or server PC

We have developed a device that connects to wireless LAN (WiFi compliant) and generates an alarm tone by the device alone under control from the network. This device is an output device as IoT. The alarm sounds in two ways. One is to operate from the browser screen of your smartphone, tablet, PC. We operate with a simple and easy screen so that anyone can operate it. The other can operate from the PC or controller program via the network. Since you can control via the Internet, you can call the chime from behind the earth. In addition to the chime, the alarm sound source can use various ringing sounds, sound effects, music, etc. according to the application. (Optional MicroSD memory card) ※ USB type power supply is required.

strong point of product
We sell a printer bell, which connects, to kitchen printers as our own product. When an order enters in a kitchen, it alarms the cooker by ringing a chime in a kitchen with a lot of noise. As a system device, there are rarely any devices that are independent of the PC and generate sounds at remote places by PC control. Moreover, there are only simple things like wiring chime and buzzers, wiring long wires or pushing the switch with dedicated wires. As other devices that produce sounds, business equipment such as for in-house broadcasting is very expensive. By combining a private notification method such as a smartphone with a public call by this device, a reliable transmission effect can be obtained. We believe that this device can be used not only for business purposes but also at personal places such as at home, shops, and nursing care sites.
delivery record
This product is a new product scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2017. Development is almost finished, it is at the stage of preparing for sale. Since there are no products similar to this device for business use, we are aiming for a position as a device for new applications.
purpose of use,
business category,
Calls at a remote place (e.g. Waiting room, Kitchen, Staff room, Nurse station, Store shop, Factory, Warehouse etc.) Periodic announcement, Different start-up closing chime, Announcement, Closing time notice, Outdoor weather information, Information on used sensors in the IoT system and emergency calls