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Green&Community Sound-absorbing low-partision,Sound-absorbing desk-top panel,Sound-absorbing wall panel

By using the sound absorbing products for the indoor sound environment where the reverberation time of the modern sound is large, "to make the indoor sound environment more comfortable"

Developed sound absorbing panel of new structure with high sound absorbing performance. The sound absorbing performance with an average sound absorption factor of 80% or more is exhibited in a wide sound band range in the high sound range of 400 Hz to 10,000 Hz of human voice. By simply installing the sound absorbing low partition, using this sound absorbing panel, the sound absorbing desktop, the sound absorbing wall pasting panel, the sound absorbing screen and the sound absorbing blind in the interior space of longer sound reverberation time, adjust the reverberation time " It can be adjusted to a sound environment. Also, for customers who are in trouble with sounds, if you get information on the drawing of the troubled places and the information of the finishing materials, with the acoustic simulation before and after installation (Before After), it is possible to advise more properly the sound environment that sounds invisible and difficult to explain.

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There are products such as "sound absorbing low partition, sound absorbing wall pasting panel, sound absorbing desktop, sound absorbing screen, using a sound absorbing panel of new structure, there are two kinds of sound absorbing panels, one side sound absorbing panel and two side sound absorbing panel. , A sound absorbing panel of a three layer structure of a plate sound absorbing material, a paper core and a reflecting plate absorbs the sound vibration energy of the room in the low sound to the high sound range, converts it into thermal energy, and the sound of human beings sounds. The sound absorption is attenuated and the sound becomes small.The sound absorption rate which is an index of the sound absorption performance is about 50% of 400 Hz, about 75% of 500 Hz, about 95% of 800 Hz, about 95% of 1000 Hz, about 95% of 2000 Hz and about 80% , it has a high sound absorbing performance over a wide range from bass that feels noisy to noisy and is very lightweight and easy to handle. Also, it is very lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, it is possible to measure and analyze the sound at the workplace where you are in trouble with sound, it is also possible to give more appropriate sound advice with the simulation (Before, After).
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All industries: ① To prevent conversations and voices of the president office, executive office and meetings (protection of speech privacy). ② The echoes of the voices in the conference room are lessened and clearly heard. ③ Improve work efficiency by absorbing the operating noise of servers and multifunction machines that you care about ear. ④ It absorbs the sound of the room with loud volume of call center where sound is swirling and customer center, and it makes better sound environment. ⑤ Protect personal information such as protection of conversation between hospital physician and patient and protection of voice of counseling desk of dispensing pharmacy.
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All industries: ① Prevent the president's office and meetings from speaking and voicing leakage (protection of speech privacy). ② The echo of the voice of the conference room disappears and it sounds clear. ③ Work efficiency is improved by absorbing operating noise of servers and multifunction devices. ④ It absorbs the sound of the room of the loud sound volume call center where the sound swirls, and it makes a better indoor sound environment. ⑤ Protect personal information such as a conversation between a doctor and a patient at a hospital and a voice at a consultation window at a dispensing pharmacy. ⑥ Make it easier to hear the voices of the video conference room, which has a lot of reactions and is difficult to hear.