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Health&Welfare Wearable Insect Protection BUGOFF

By Just wearing it, insect protection wear secure ? easy ? continuous New common sense of insect protecting by fiber insect processing.

"BUG" means insects, viruses, "OFF" means getting away, keeping away, diverting. With special processing, we apply insect repellent effect to fiber.
With nano-level processing, safer and more reliable effects are realized (about 70 washes) It can also be used in conjunction with other materials, it will be effective in multi-purposes, such as cool, quick drying, UV and so on.

strong point of product
Unlike traditional insect repellent products, "new wearing insect protection bug-off" of new technology which applied insect repellent treatment on fiber.
You can do insect repelling "ongoingly" safely to "easy", it will become a new common sense of clothing.
The chemicals to be used are certified by the international accreditation organization Ecotex, and nano-level adhesion technology is able to continuously feel the effect because chemicals are difficult to peel off from the fabric.
delivery record
As a business product handling maker, a business work clothes, P. B product a certain sports shop chain store, the largest sports shop nationwide, as insect repellent rash guard wear, to a certain variety shop outdoor corner, as an outdoor product.
purpose of use,
business category,
Workplaces with many insects such as agriculture and construction sites, outdoor-heavy such as gardening and camping, interior industry, the weak people such as the elderly, the pet industry, the carer such as UV etc. day, sports industry, overseas traveler, bedding industry, maternity industry, carpet curtain etc.

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