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Industry&Technology Parasol heater (outdoor gas, electric stove)

Stylish and active way to warm up your outdoor environment (can be used as mist generator in summer)

strong point of product
Outdoor space an be better utilized during the winter with the installation of parasol heaters. patio heater, Chantoru grease filterWe offer in-house production from design, development and manufacture of gas equipment for kitchens, outdoor stoves and Our other environment-conscious equipment including the Chantoru grease filters and deodorizing system for indoor exhausts are also being recognized.
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Our parasol heater provides comfortable warmth in winter for outdoor facilities in large commercial facilities, amusement parks, open cafes and garden terrace. It complies various safety design standards for use in outdoor environments where many and unspecified users gather, and it is designed and manufactured in our main factory to meet the quality standards of Japan. The product has obtained the Japanese Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) certification for gas appliance non-combustible performance evaluation. During summer, a mist generator (optional) can be attached to the top to present a cool environment.