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You can use electricity by hybrid charging any time, anywhere.

Our original products 「hybrid charging inverter / EC l-15] is very hybrid and is chargeable from domestice electricity concent to solor panel. It is very handy and easy to move around because it ony weighs 3.2kg using lithium-ion polymer battery. You can use 100V outlet as well as USB connector for charging cellular phone. It comes with the LED monitor which tells the remaining battery.

strong point of product
Variety of places where it can be used: out door like mountain or ocean which has no electricity outlet. Boat and ships where it can charge from solor panel. Using USB connector, you can charge celluler phone or use as the night light. Since you can use domestice electricity outlet and solar panel, it is highly convenient to use in the time of disasters. Especially in the time of disasters, it is advantageous because it is quieter and less exhaust fume than engine-operated electric generator.
delivery record
Some local government adopt our EC l-15 combining solar panel and other lighting devices as disaster stockpile. We also have a record of sales for individuals and NPO organizations. It has been three years since the elementary school of Republic of Uganda has used our device for night light instead of oil lump and they are very satisfied.
purpose of use,
business category,
Mainly we try to sell our EC l-15 combining solor panel and other lighting devices as disaster stockpile to local government. Also use of outdoor like mountain or ship where there is no electricity outlet. Also use for the night light overseas where there is no basic infrastructure.

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