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Industry&Technology Contact angle meter

By adopting the tablet terminal, anyone can efficiently evaluate the surface such as wettability, water repellency and cleanliness anywhere.

The contact angle meter quantitatively evaluates the cleanliness of the surface, wettability, uniformity, etc. by measuring the angle of water droplets dripped onto the sample surface.

strong point of product
• Main features 1. Contact angle meter not using a personal computer 2. Battery operation is capable of portable measurement 3. Bluetooth, Wifi, USB-Type C, etc. which can exchange data with ease 4. Easy realization by the Android OS Contact Analysis Software (World's First)

• Low-Cost Reasons 1. Since the tablet meets the function of the PC and the FA's camera, it was able to reduce the price of the hardware. 2. The reason why it was made with the tablet was that contact angle analysis software could be realized with Android OS.
delivery record
Evaluation of hydrophobicity water repellency cleanliness Cleaning · Surface reforming evaluation Uniformity evaluation
purpose of use,
business category,
Evaluations of tip material, uniformity of surface of paint material, cleanliness etc. Surface evaluation at the molecular level in the manufacturing process of semiconductors and electronic components Cleanliness and quality evaluation of the sealing surface where automobile, mounting, high adhesion is required
Health care biocompatibility and implant surface etc. to improve health care biocompatibility