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Health&Welfare Doctor's round support robot

The automated follow-up round cart equipped with integrated electronic health record system and kind facial expressions for patients.

strong point of product
The robot is an automated round cart that handles electronic health records. It can help reduce the round times for doctors and nurses. The changing expressions reduces the bulky impression of the machine and offers a sense of kindness to the patients. There are still no equivalent products in the market, patent pending. Clinical research in progress with prototypes aiming for practical applications in 2020. It will contribute to resolving overwork of doctors and nurses.
purpose of use,
business category,
This robot supports examination and treatment by doctors and nurses in hospitals. It stores medical appliances, consumables and clinical wastes. The robot follows designated doctors and move around the wards. It is linked to the electronic health record system and records and manages patient data, equipped with vital sign measurement functions. The monitor screen can show facial expressions which can be changed based on the situation.

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