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Health&Welfare Capillary blood flow measurement device

The first capillary blood flow measurement device for easy testing of scleroderma and hardening of arteries.

strong point of product
The device applies and then releases pressure on the fingertip. At the same time, the amount of blood at the fingertip is measured optically. Skin diseases and hardening of arteries can be measured easily without stress. There are still no equivalent products or even attempts to measure the functions of capillary blood vessels. Patent pending. Clinical research in progress with almost completed prototypes aiming for launch in 2018.
purpose of use,
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Capillary blood flow of patients can be measured in one minute by placing a finger on the device. It is useful for diagnosing skin diseases, high-blood pressure, hardening of arteries, and diabetes that affect the functions of capillary blood vessels. The device can successfully conduct FMD (flow mediated dilation) testing that has low success rates.

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