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Green&Community Vegetable Sorting and Automatic Harvesting Device

Succeeded in the sorting and automatic harvesting of broccoli for the first time in the world!

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We are the first company in the world to have successfully developed a sorting and automatic harvesting device of broccoli. (According to our research) most farmers are still relying on manual labor for sorting and harvesting work of vegetables, meaning that this is a revolutionary technology in the agriculture sector. Patent Application No.: 2016-182934 [Pending] We will complete development of a mass production model by the end of FY2017, and we plan on launching sales in FY2018. In addition, rather than harvesting all the vegetables at once, they are in need of a function that allows them to sort the vegetables that are in harvesting season before the actual harvesting work, and this device is equipped with the functions that meet those market needs.
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We have successfully developed a sorting and automatic harvesting device for broccoli, which used to be done manually, and we are currently developing prototypes for a mass production model based on that technology. We are seeking cooperation with companies interested in joint development, production, and distribution. The harvesting capability of the prototype machine we have developed is as follows: Maximum of 15 broccoli harvested per minute (when planted in 30cm pitch) and a maximum of 30 broccoli harvested per minute with a mass production model being developed for harvesting two rows at once. While the average harvesting speed by manual labor is around 3 broccoli per minute, this device achieves the harvesting work of 5 people with just one machine, when considering harvesting efficiency by sorting to be 50%.

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