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Health&Welfare Hypochlorous Acid Water Mist Sprayer

Excellent deodorizing and antibacterial effects realized by a particle diameter that cannot be achieved with ultrasonic sprayers!

strong point of product
In order to achieve a stable spraying amount, it is equipped with a measurement control circuit originally developed by our company, and you can use it reliably even in facilities with strict control of spraying amount such as hospitals. It realizes a particle diameter that cannot be achieved by ultrasonic sprayers, thus dramatically improving the deodorizing and antibacterial effects. Last year (in 2016), after the Kumamoto earthquakes, our product was used at shelters to maintain sanitation, thus allowing us to contribute to society. Furthermore, we have designed and produced an oil mist spraying device that applies the technology of this sprayer, and we are supplying the device on an OEM basis. Oil mist spray devices are used for purposes such as forming a thin coat of oil on the surface for sending out steel sheets wound around rolls to maintain processing precision, when press processing and deep drawing battery cases.
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Because we employ a compressor-type mist spraying method, we realize a high-concentration hypochlorous acid water spraying (100ppm, 200ppm) that is difficult to achieve by ultrasonic spraying. It has deodorizing, antibacterial, and infection prevention effects, and it can be installed in places such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, offices, stores, restaurants, pet shops, etc.

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