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Health&Welfare Caster & Central-Lock solution system

Safe, secured functional caster & system with maximized product value!

By connecting 4 casters with a wire and positioning them at any given part of the operation part, the caster system becomes available for a clear and safe use due to the lock mechanism. With a single spot of operation part, a slewing lock function of LOCK⇔FREE⇔180°is available for use.

strong point of product
By connecting 4 casters with free wire, it will eliminate an existing and time-consuming large mechanism for synchronizing them. In the case of using a pipe, a wire can be put through inside the pipe, so the synchronizing system can be performed easily at low cost. Also by connecting them with a wire, the operation part can be established at any given part of the product. Traditionally, under the actual site of use, the lock operation used to be omitted due to the time-consuming operation, and as a result the machine was moved by an earthquake and contacts. With our product, things like this can be prevented in a simple and clear manner. It is a system which allows more safety and comfort for using the product.
delivery record
The caster lock system for automatic transferring machines used for logistic equipment/inside a warehouse.
purpose of use,
business category,
Medical equipment, welfare equipment, distribution equipment, and mechanical devices, etc.