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Green&Community The Future Ark (undergroundshelter・groundshelter)

For the future of children!

As a feature of our shelter, it is a rugged design that can withstand earthquakes with the intensity of 8 classes, we installed an air circulator that filters 99.995% or more of harmful substances, it is supposed to be able to accommodate around 4 people and within 5 k from the hypocenter in the area and in other areas; it is classified into two types, which are underground type and ground type. Both the underground type and the ground type have air lock rooms. Air lock is a space with two doors withstanding explosion-proof pressure that never opens at the same time. In this space, it is necessary to prevent radiation from penetrating into the shelter for a moment, when dust enters, and pressure does not fluctuate when there is a person's traffic between the outside and the shelter. When entering the living space from the airlocked room, decontaminate the radiation substances attached to the clothes tightly. As a result, preparation for entering the living space is completed. Simple WC is also equipped, and it has an emergency exit for emergency. In peacetime, as a theater room, wine cellar, stockpile warehouse, ground type can be used in remote rooms etc.

strong point of product
Our company is a specialist on the bone of the frame because it has a robust construction technology as a reinforcement construction specialist. Therefore, it is possible to construct safe and safe shelters securely guaranteed strength. And because it is a specialized construction contractor for reinforced concrete works, stocking of materials is kept low, and it can be offered at a cheaper price than other companies. And it is the greatest feature of the boat of the future that the user can select the underground type and the ground type and the type depending on the situation, and also the design is excellent.
delivery record
There is no achievement for new products are to be sold from now.
purpose of use,
business category,
As a shelter at hospitals (especially obstetrics and pediatric departments) keeping responsibility for kids who are the future of Japan in the future, as kindergartens, nurseries, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, universities, and vocational schools, parks, public facilities, etc., and also it is assumed to be used as a stockpile warehouse during normal times.