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Health&Welfare Acidulous hypochlorous acid sanitization water production device “Sanitization Revolution”

This is an acidulous hypochlorous acid sanitization water production device with many features that are being introduced in the industry for the first time.

strong point of product
The hypochlorous acid is inserted in compact bags, which eliminates the risk of accidents during dilution work, and the use of rinsing water after the work can also be reduced significantly. The product realizes non-electric operation because it employs a gas pressure system, and it also does not require the construction of a power source. The amount of hypochlorous acid used can be cut down to 1/4 of hypochlorous acid aqueous solutions while retaining the same effect. It has a compact design with dimensions of 36 cm in width, 52 cm in height and 15.5 cm in depth.
purpose of use,
business category,
Our product is an acidulous hypochlorous acid sanitization water production device that is compact and wireless with replaceable hypochlorous acid bags. This device is effective against norovirus and the flu, and its purpose is the disinfection of long-term care facilities as well as the disinfection of cooking utensils and kitchens in the food service industry. This device is capable of providing disinfected water right after purification, unlike the conventional, diluted hypochlorous water.