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Green&Community An effort towards zero emission, environmentally friendly flushable toilet

For disaster evacuation centers, an environmentally friendly flushable toilet as effort towards zero emission

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The purification technology used in this new toilet utilizes microbes to treat waste water. Our toilets are installed in 170 locations including national parks, world heritage sites and geoparks throughout Japan. We are also conducting demonstration experiments under a new subsidized project using the toilets at the Himeyuri Peace Museum in Okinawa for the purpose of visualizing this technology. This Exhibition will be the first occasion to announce the launch of our new product.
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The waste water from the toilet is treated with a highly advanced purification technology and recirculated as flushing water. It is energy-saving that runs on solar generation and batteries, and can operate without electrical power. This flushing toilet requires no water supply, sewerage or electrical power, so it can be used to maintain a hygienic environment at evacuation centers where infrastructure is shut off. It also helps preserve the environment of remote islands by eliminating effluent disposal.

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