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Industry&Technology Water soluble calcium hydroxide "HOTAPA water powder"

New material "Water soluble calcium hydroxide" that can be adapted to cosmetic/quasi-drug qualification standards

♦ Sterilization performance (Bacteria /Virus name /Disinfection ratio)
Norovirus / 99.9997%
Escherichia coli / 99.9%
Salmonella / 99.9%
Vibrio parahaemolyticus / 99.9%
MRSA / 99.9%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa / 99.9%
Corynebacterium / 99.9%

♦ Deodorization rate (ingredient / deodorization rate)
Dietetyl / 99%
nonenal / 96%
hydrogen sulfide / 99.8%
acetaldehyde / 85%
ammonia / 72%
acetic acid / 85.3%
isovaleric acid / 80%

♦ Closure method patch test
skin irritation index: 0.0
Evaluation: Safety items (Test compliant with cosmetic/Quasi-drug manufacturing and selling guidebook 2011-12)

♦ How to use
Just by putting 1 kg of water-soluble calcium hydroxide (HOTAPA water powder) in 1 ton of water, 1 ton of colorless transparent It can refine aqueous solution without sediment.

♦ Use As disinfecting, deodorizing, antiseptic purposes, can be compounded in products such as daily necessities, cosmetics, and quasi-drugs.

strong point of product
Up to now, calcium hydroxide aqueous solution is a cloudy liquid, and sediment remains, so even if it is excellent in sterilization/deodorization performance, we used liquid extracted using filtration device etc., but even this liquid looks transparent, the calcium component in the aqueous solution was recrystallized, which became the source of spray nozzle and wiping residue. When we dissolve the water soluble calcium hydroxide which we succeeded in developing with water, it becomes possible to refine an aqueous solution which is colorless and transparent and free from sediments and furthermore does not cause recrystallization of calcium, so it is not limited to daily necessities but medicines. We are proceeding with joint development with a company that received your interest as a raw material for outsiders and cosmetics. Also, while many chemical liquids have been liquid based, our new content is "powder," which is capable of refining 1 ton of aqueous solution from as little as 1 kg of powder, thus significantly reducing transportation costs. And it does not require much storage space.
delivery record
♦ As a substitute for Wet sheet benzalkonium chloride, it is used to improve the disinfection rate significantly by impregnation.

♦ Soap (cleanser) By combining with conventional products that do not have a bacteriocidal effect, sterilization performance was obtained.
purpose of use,
business category,
♦ Shampoo · Body Soap
♦ Disinfectant
♦ Deodorant
♦ Feed (vegetable wash)

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