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Industry&Technology Sulphide oxidization parts for architectural hardware and piano tone coating finish parts for interior hardware

We propose custom-made architecture with our sulphide oxidization finish and piano tone coating.

strong point of product
Dry-type sulphide oxidization finish is an environmentally friendly construction method that can only be done by a few companies in Japan. Sulphide oxidation color finish is the application and expression of this technology on steel and stainless steel. Users can attach greater value-add to the steel products and sell them as their own products.
purpose of use,
business category,
We intend our technology to be used for the surface finish of custom-designed products such as elevator doors and special custom-designed products for interior and exterior architectural hardware. We are exhibiting products that express the brass Furubi color finish and brass plating finish, which used to be expressed by electroplating, through our coating technology. We are also displaying products made with the skill of an artisan by polishing thin film like our piano tone coating.