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Industry&Technology ①Remote controller②Air type ejector

(1) Remote controller (Easy manual/foot operation! Improves Efficiency!) (2) Air ejector (for safety liquid transportation regardless the containers)

(1) Remote controller (Easy manual/foot operation! Improves efficiency!)
Although on/off operation originally came with the air vacuum cleaner as a standard specification, we can propose an efficiency improvement by combining the hand switch with foot pedal.

(2) Air ejector (safe liquid transportation regardless of containers)
As we used to productize the product as a pump for drum and pail, we can provide a proposal for efficiency improvement because the liquid transportation can be done easily from your container, IBC tank, etc. as long as the screw and durability match.

strong point of product
(1) Remote controller (Easy manual/foot operation! Improves Efficiency!)
As we originally sell air devices (pump and vacuum cleaner), we are planning to sell a set item by combining a switch and a main machine.
This saves customer's time and effort to buy and assemble each parts.
Also, as a user's merit, the efficiency of those operations which used to occupy both hands can be improved by using a foot switch for instance as it frees your hands.
(2) Air ejector (safe liquid transportation regardless of containers)
It was a customary to use a pump, but a compact and low-cost liquid transportation is realized by using an ejector.
No other makers deals with items as such beside pumps.
delivery record
While an electronic equipment parts manufacturer was using the air vacuum cleaner, we assembled it with a separate switch to help them improve their work efficiency by allowing them to use their both hands to perform an operation. To be more specific about the way it works is that when a trash comes out during the operation with both hands, the trash is collected by stepping on a foot switch.
purpose of use,
business category,
We assume it can be used at every possible processing sites that includes automobile, motorcycle, construction machinery, agricultural machine, electronic parts, etc. Among them, we believe those companies that are conscious to shorten the time (cost reduction) can obtain effective outcomes.