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Industry&Technology FS Micro Spray Gun Circulation Type

Micro select spray gun capable of topical thin film formation

strong point of product
Spray coating of coating liquid with viscosity of 800cps. Capable of coating ranging from thin line coating with width of 0.5mm to stripe coating with width of 15mm. Capable of coating more than 25μ film thickness in one pass.
purpose of use,
business category,
Photosensitive resist coating and conformal coating by a patented FS-type micro spray gun that you can easily assemble and disassemble without any tools, coating to thin film parts, and thin line coating, contributing to enhanced value-add and environmental improvements. Although there were issues such as clogging and stable coating in limited coating of specified areas such as on waterborn, solventless-type, and UV-type materials, we developed a spray gun for each type that solves such issues.

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  • Product 1 exhibition 2017

    FSCC06 Selective Spray Coater For Masking-less Coating

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  • Product 2

    FSCC06 Selective Spray Coater

    Select spray gun and clogging-free coating system

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