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Industry&Technology FSCC06 Selective Spray Coater

Select spray gun and clogging-free coating system

strong point of product
“Valve for ejecting small amount of liquid material and capable of being assembled and disassembled without use of tool,” Japanese Patent No. 5846645, Chinese Patent No. 0039365.4, Taiwan Patent No. I526251, “Coating system & method of waterborn type conformal coating to mounting board,” Japanese Patent No. 5661186, South Korean Patent No. 10-1415620, “Low flow rate valve for coating low & middle viscosity material,” Japanese Utility Model No. 3191270,“Spray valve,” Japanese Utility Model No. 3199594, and other construction methods capable of spraying without clogging (patent pending)
purpose of use,
business category,
Solvent-type selective conformal coating, waterborn type partial spray conformal coating, thin film coating of around 1μ for solventless-type coating material, partial limited coating to in-vehicle parts, high-speed continuous thin film coating with thin line of 2mm width or less, topical coating for film formation improvement to concave parts, edge face coating to building material interior boards, etc., conformal coating to 3D substrates, automatic marking, and resist coating to MEMS substrates

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  • Product 1 exhibition 2017

    FSCC06 Selective Spray Coater For Masking-less Coating

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  • Product 3

    FS Micro Spray Gun Circulation Type

    Micro select spray gun capable of topical thin film formation

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