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Health&Welfare University of Tsukuba in the jointly developed evaluation of cognitive function and brain training

"device for cognition function evaluation and brain training" to detect the decline in function early and to propose the remedtion measure which will be very important for aging society

This device can evaluate the cognition function of operator in two minutes and we made this device for both industrial use and individual use. It is possible to improve the cognition function if we can detect it early. This device has developed and manufactured under the collaboration between Tuskuba University, Shiroku and Shinei Sangyo. This device has the brain training function. For industrial use, it has the face authentification function and also it can presume the gender, age and expression of the operator who use this device firs time. With this face authentification function, it is possible to operate the device just like talking with work therapist. By reading the expression of operator, the difficulty level can be changed and make the training itself more fun.

strong point of product
There are many methods to measure the individual cognition function in a quantitative way. With this devicee, the operators can evaluate their own cognition function in a quantitative way without any help from work therapist. By using the brain training function, the operators can do the rehabilitation by themselves. It has special function such as face authentification and voice synthesis.
delivery record
We display our device for demonstration at this exhibition before the actual marketing. We will sell this products soon.
purpose of use,
business category,
We plan to market this device to work therapist, senior homes, local nursing care center, rehabilitation facilities, day service center which deal with the preservation of health of both mind and body for the aging society.

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