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Green&Community Refill Battery Generator

The world's first power supply unit that can continuously supply power

The world's first lithium-ion battery-powered power supply that can continuously supply power. It is a product that solves both problems of "Exhaust gas / Noise / Lubrication hazards" of gasoline generators and "Low transportability / Low continuity" of accumulator batteries. Up to 4 refill batteries can be inserted at the same time in the G-CROSS main body, and the implanted battery and the spare battery can be exchanged without interruption. Since battery terminals are designed not to cause electric shock even when touched, anyone can safely replace the battery. Moreover, it is possible to move with human power only by the split structure of the central unit and the battery.

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In conventional gasoline electric generators, once gasoline as a fuel expires, the supply of electric power stops, and refueling has to be done. However, because of wanting to continue the supply of electricity, accidents have occurred that lubricate and explode while keeping the engine on. This product can replace the battery (Equivalent to refueling) while continuing power supply. This is also an overwhelming common sense of conventional storage batteries, which was impossible to use until it was used up. Also, gasoline generators and traditional storage batteries are very heavy, it is impossible to transport without heavy machinery, and also one of the problems is that loading and unloading to and from the vehicle is difficult. This product is an epoch-making product that made it possible to move by human power only by dividing each battery and the main body. For example, even if the elevator stops at the time of power failure, it is possible to move by the stairs. Furthermore, because special vehicles are unnecessary, substantial cost savings are realized.
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Although gasoline generators are mainstream in night road construction, clients are restricted from bringing gasoline into construction zones due to fire risks at road construction sites frequently occurring in recent years. By adopting this product, it is also possible to realize "Zero gasoline carry-in" to the construction zone. Also, it can be transported to significant places after the occurrence of a disaster with human power, and from the convenience that everyone can use safely, it can be used as a for local disaster prevention stockpiling, corporate BCP.