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Revolution in temperature measurement and management! Low cost but maintenance free! Important device for IoT, M2M network construction

Cable capable of measuring temperature, born from the wire manufacturing process. Temperature sensor (thermistor) was buried inside 5 mm diameter cable, realizing simultaneous temperature measurement of multiple points. The number of sensors can range from 1 point up to 40 points, cable length can be freely up to 100M. Furthermore, regardless of the number of points and the cable length, the cable outer diameter remains 5 mm! Once it is laid it can be constantly supplied with electricity and signals can be received and there is no need for battery replacement and is maintenance free. Cost is also inexpensive compared to thermocouple type, wireless type and introduction is possible. In addition to the cable alone, interface unit and basic software are also sold as a set. ※ Patent pending

strong point of product
Built-in temperature sensor on small diameter cable with 5 mm outer diameter. Easy to lay and lightweight due to its small diameter. Custom design possible according to customer's request. Cable outer diameter, sensor number, cable length can be customized according to customer's request. In case of set sale, Reception is possible. Power supply installation work, battery replacement, daily data collection work is unnecessary and maintenance is easy. Because it is a cable shape with a PVC sheath, it can also be used in harsh environments such as outdoors and low temperature locations. Using sensors other than thermistor such as humidity, vibration, gyro etc. means you can use it for other purposes. It is also possible to collaborate with customers. Orders received are from one unit. Compared to thermocouple types and wireless types, it can be introduced at low cost.
delivery record
There is no delivery record for formal announcement, because it is before release. However, we have started a preliminary approach to research for automotive parts, measuring instruments, industrial machinery, medical parts and other industries, and some of them have started to develop prototypes.
purpose of use,
business category,
Large automobile (bus) Development of temperature management system by seat ? Development of temperature management system inside large car (truck) Container temperature management system development ? Luxury cars Development of advanced air conditioning management systems by multipoint temperature control ? Temperature inside agricultural vinyl house ? Humidity management ? Temperature monitoring in a food case such as a supermarket ? Data center Temperature monitoring of server room