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Green&Community ukasetekit

This is easy hydroponics culture kit which can be used anywhere. It glows the vegitable plant in the water container.

First, you float the vegitable plant in the water container and blow the air through air pump and air stone for convection circulation. The crops grows by floating on the water. Once the crop absorbs the water, the water level will be lowered but the root will not be exposed. You just need to add water to the required level. It is very easy for beginners of vegitable making. You can use this kit inside and outside. We have a report from our customer who harvested 1000 mini tomatoes and 12 Kodama watermelons from just a single nursery plant. You can use this kit for almost all the vegitables and flowers (some exceptions). You can harvest the safe, fresh and ripe vegitables without actually touching them. The replant of nursery plants is very easy because you don't need to wash the container at the time of replant. Since it does not need any soils there is no trouble of angleworm or pillbug. It is cheap and can be used for many years.

strong point of product
The standard type of hydroponics culture kit has double-layered structure and the upper layer is water tank and the lower layer is cultivation layaer. And it circulates the water inside the water pump. It has very complicated structure and is expensive. The user has to start from seeding on the cultivation layer which has budding risk. On the other hand, our kit has only one layer and circulates the water by air pump and air stone, it is very easy to maintain and is durable. It is easy to take out the crop while growing to check the inside of container. It has simple structure and the price is about one third of conventional products. Since the price is low, you can have prulal containers and grow different types of crops. By connecting the containers, you can control them only with one air pump. You can use the commercial cultiver so you can grow them at the appropriate cultivation period. By reducing the amount of water, it is easy to carry. At the time of typhoon etc., you can take the container inside the house. It is useful not only for vegitables but also for flowers like roses and seet peas.
delivery record
This kit is displayed at the conservatory (80m2) in Kobe fruits and flower park and is growing more than 100 types of crops at the moment. We have installed this kit on the roof of Akashi medical association to make green wall with tomatoes, cucumbers, bitter melons. The steak restaurant in Kobe city uses the vegitables which were harvested from our kit. The esthetic salon of Kobe city places roses at the entrance of the salon. The elderly woman who is living alone started to grow the vegitables with our kit and eventually become sosialized with the community. Other example is the display at the entrance of show house.
purpose of use,
business category,
The hydroponics culture system which is used by some farmhouses is very expensive for installment and is hard to become common. Our system is low price and we would like to intruduce this system for Japan Agricultural Co-operatives (JA) or farmhouses. We are proposing the sixth sector industrialization by adding this hydroponics culture kit to the sales at roadside stations. At the school, it can be used as educational material. At the hospitals and nursing care centers, it can be used for enlivenment. It can be used for the sales of house which has the roof garden or balcony garden by using our kit. For overseas use, it is possible to use at the service ship, antarctica, desert, mineral poison area, contaminated land and slush-and-burn-farming.