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Green&Community Crime prevention glass、Explosion proof glass、Bulletproof glass

The strongest crime prevention glass in Japan, The only explosion proof glass in Japan, The bulletproof glass of domestic development!

Hercules Ⅲ (Crime prevention glass for houses)
Panel glass association criteria on crime prevention performance of glass: P5A, Soundproofing performance: T2 Hercules IV (Crime prevention glass for buildings)
European crime prevention standard: P6B Hercules V (Explosion-proof glass)
AS standard 2343: 1997, Bomb Blast-Hand Granade HE High Explosive HG 85 Hercules VI (Bulletproof glass)
NIJ, UL, Various AS standards

strong point of product
Hercules Ⅲ (Crime prevention glass for houses)
It boasts overwhelming performance and also soundproof performance, but it is cheaper compared with other company's products in the domestic strongest level

P5A class. Hercules IV (Crime prevention glass for building)
It is high anti-penetration performance with European crime prevention criteria.

Hercules V (Explosion-proof glass)
It is possibly the only explosion-proof glass in the country, and it is useful for safety measures of various facilities.

Hercules VI (Bulletproof glass)
It is characterized by a higher weather resistance than other companies’ products.
delivery record
Private facilities such as the Ministry of Defense, US military bases, Nuclear power-related facilities, Embassies, Public facilities such as prisons, Factories, Research centers, Airports, Data centers, Holiday facilities, Shops, houses
purpose of use,
business category,
It is assumed that you can use it for security measures such as crime prevention, disaster prevention, terrorism, etc. in facilities of all industries and business types. Of course not only for use in particular facilities, in Japan, many companies are troubled by measures against explosion in plants for a long time, and we hope that our explosion-proof glass will be the solution.