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detecting exogenous material, LED test conveyer

We mounts LED in the stainless conveyer. LED parts emits light (red, green, blue) Our super luminosity LED can make 15,000lux of illumination intensity on the belt of conveyer.

strong point of product
We obtained the patent for our test device detecting for exogenous material. This test device has introduced the RGB which is light's three primaly colors. It It is very revolutionaly because our competitors can not adopt RGB device nor make bright enough with white LED. It causes to overlook the exogenous material by workers. Our device has higher illumination intencity, it can reduce the fatigue of workers and improve the quality of testing.
delivery record
Our device is used at the vegetable cutting factory to search for tiny insects or hair on the vegetable. At the fish processing factory, it searches out the debris of shrinp or mozuku seaweed etc. At the food processing factory it checks the defective seal, tag of the bag. We have sold 165pieces so far.
purpose of use,
business category,
Mainly this device is used at food processing factory. It is used to help to test visually as the exogenous material detector

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