Reporting from "New Value Creation Exhibition 2019"!
-Feature on Special Exhibition for Improving Productivity-

In this corner, we will cover special exhibition booths
that introduces various technologies and services in conjunction
with the theme of the “New Value Creation Exhibition 2019”
held at Tokyo Big Sight in November 2019.
This article is a report on the special exhibition for improving productivity.

Special exhibition: What is the improving productivity?

Zone concept panel in the venue

Introducing the contents of each corporation's exhibit in a report format

The following is a report format introducing corporate booths which were part of the special exhibition on improving productivity.

  • IoT, AI, and visualization tools that can be easily implemented in small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses


    Cross Compass Ltd.


    "MANUFACIA" is a tool that generates AI for error detection and predictive maintenance with ease. Similar products are available from other companies, but MANUFACIA can freely incorporate AI created by users into industrial PCs, Raspberry Pis, FPGAs, etc. The booth had demonstrations such as inferring error detection from vibration data, using AI created by MANUFACIA. The booth also presented a collaboration with ORiN, the IoT platform of the Japan Robot Association.

  • IoT, AI, and visualization tools that can be easily implemented in small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses


    i Smart Technologies Corporation


    The company offers iXacs, an IoT system for small and medium-sized enterprises that can be implemented with ease on production lines to visualize production process issues, and has been implemented by more than 200 companies. Simply attach a magnetic sensor and optical sensor to automatically collect information such as the number of production units, stop time, and cycle time. Checking and analyzing the data on a PC or tablet can lead to improvements in the production process. The booth had a demonstration of data acquisition using a simulation line.

  • IoT, AI, and visualization tools that can be easily implemented in small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses


    mono-revo, inc.


    For small and medium-sized factories that used to manage production using paper or a whiteboard, the company provides a system for production management and progress management using IoT. The booth had demonstrations on a tablet of a "small lot scheduler" specialized in process management, an "inventory scheduler" specialized in inventory management, and a "purchase scheduler" for purchase management. Case studies of companies that have implemented them were also presented. The company also displayed "Ikinari IoT," a service that enables process management by simply attaching it to equipment and turning on the power.

  • IoT, AI x machine control


    AISing Ltd. 


    The company specializes in machine control and provides edge AI that can be used at sites that require real-time performance. Productivity can be improved by edge AI, which can achieve high-accuracy and high-speed processing with a small amount of data using a unique algorithm. The booth had a comparative demonstration using a crane that incorporated edge AI and a crane that did not. Edge AI predicts the swaying of the crane, making its operation more stable, so it greatly contributes to work efficiency.

  • Sensor and high-precision camera x AI


    Robit Inc. 


    "TESRAY" is a visual inspection solution that combines an image processing algorithm driven by AI technology with a unique hardware technology optimized for AI. The company's strength is that it develops not only software but also hardware in-house. Camera and lighting technologies optimized for AI enable high-precision inspections. The booth had a demonstration of a dust particle inspection of automobile parts using TESRAY. They highlighted that human inspector level performance had been achieved.

  • Sensor and high-precision camera x AI


    4D Sensor Inc


    The company offers a variety of solutions using the world's fastest 3D scanner that acquires data in three dimensions and time dimension up to 50,000 times a second. In addition to being used by vehicle manufacturers, it can be used as a robot's eye to inspect all products on the production line conveyor belt in real time. One of its motion capture applications is to measure human respiration. The booth presented vibration sensors and their uses in bridge inspection.

  • Boosting inspiration and ideas with AI


    TIS Inc. 


    "AI BrainStorm Spark" is a tool to support brainstorming and planning by using AI equipped with Hakuhodo's "Idea Support Method." The booth had a demonstration in which the Internet is automatically searched for words related to the keyword that was entered. It attracted great interest from company planners and publishers. They also presented a manual entitled "Enhance Your Ideas with AI" that thoroughly explains tips for fully utilizing AI BrainStorm Spark.

  • Dramatic transformation of nursing care services


    Panasonic Corporation 


    Nursing homes have been introducing IT solutions to support their services, but staff members had to learn how to operate different devices for each vendor, and were unable to link the acquired data. Panasonic has jointly developed the Nursing Care Support Platform with seven partner companies as commissioned by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development. The booth had demonstrations of linking the nursing equipment of different manufacturers as well as data analysis that supports the self-reliance of the elderly.


    [Seven partner companies]
    A&D Co., Ltd., King Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd., Kowa Co., Ltd., GCOMM Co., Ltd., Noritsu Precision Co., Ltd., Fuji Data System Co., Ltd., Fuyo Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

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