Stage program

Nov.27 Wed

A1 10:30~11:30 Capacity 200 People

KeynoteScenarios and Enterprise Innovation to Revitalize the Japanese Economy

Yukio Noguchi
Advisor, Institute for Business and Finance, Waseda University;
Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University 
With the aging population and the structural change of the world economy due to factors such as the rise of China, revitalization of the Japanese economy is becoming more crucial. New information technologies such as AI and blockchain offer new possibilities and also bring a great transformation to the way people work, the identity of corporations, the structure of society, and the like. The direction to go for revitalization will be considered with a focus on utilizing these technologies.
A2 12:00~13:00 Capacity 200 People

A Report on the Applied Use of Scientific Nursing Care Utilizing IoT and AI

Masaru Yamaoka
General Manager, Business Innovation Divisiion, Innovation Promotion Sector, Panasonic Corporation
Mimamori Anshin Service* utilizing IoT for aging care facilities was commercially released in June 2016. It aggregates sensing data in the cloud, and it has been received well as a care management support service that analyzes data. This presentation will report activities with a view to utilizing IoT and AI and taking a scientific approach in the nursing care field. *Mimamori Anshin Service (‘monitoring for peace of mind’ service):
A3 13:30~15:00 Capacity 200 People

Panel Discussion Achieving Both Economic and Social Value: Implementing SDGs in an Enterprise

How can SDGs be put to work in managing an enterprise? What policies can solve social issues through business and improve the sustainability of an enterprise and society? Managers of small- and medium-sized enterprises that have been applying the answers to such questions have been asked to share their initiatives. The panel will discuss the relationship between economical and social value and the achievement of both.

Koichi Yokota
Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University;
Representative Director, Yokota Associates Co., Ltd.
Sumiyuki Nakadai
Representative Director, Nakadai Co., Ltd. and
Representative Director, Monofactory Co., Ltd.
Tomohito Ihara
Chief Executive Officer, Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd.
Masanori Yamamoto
President and Representative Director, Heiwa Shuzou Co., Ltd.
A4 15:30~16:30 Capacity 200 People

Robotics Technology and Future Society

Takayuki Furuta
Executive Director, Future Robotics Technology Center, Chiba Institute of Technology
The purpose of the Future Robotics Technology Center is to contribute to the progress of human civilization and culture with robotics technology. Robotics research is a complex domain related to the entire spectrum of engineering, and it is robotics technology, an element indispensable in shaping society, life, and culture of the future. This presentation will showcase robots and the technologies that have been developed with the goal of attaining the best form for the objective.

Note: Presentation themes and content may change without notice.