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G-013 General Exhibition

〒196-0034 2-8-4, Tamagawacho, Akishima Shi, Tokyo TEL: +81-425490425
Corporate Number: 9012805000280




Promotion of sound-proof and flame retardant material using plant-derived recycled pulp instead of plastic to reduce CO2 emissions

Patent No.6402299, manufacturing method of flame retardant molded body using waste pulp (urban forest). We will exhibit a sound-proof and flame retardant material using environmentally friendly, plant-derived pulp as well as antiscattering, outflow preventing natural glass with high plantability for rooftop greening.

Enterprise information
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Soundproof material, insulation, and greening floor developed through projects to address environmental issues centering on a plastic-free society and waste paper recycling by the business development committee were patented as No.6402299. We will further promote this recyclable and versatile material with flame retardant, soundproofing, humidity control, and insect-repellent properties in housing, rooftop greening, and noise prevention fields.
Enterprise promotional message
We have succeeded in producing molded mats by turning waste paper into wet cellulose and adding fireproof properties with self-developed pulp defibrators, which were patented as No.6402299. Also, we have developed environmentally friendly material with flame retardant, soundproof, humidity control, and insect-repellent properties. We will strive to promote plant-derived pulp products instead of CO2-emitting plastic.
Dealing structure
Ongoing waste paper recycling project. Special requirements are highly welcomed.
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business partner
Companies engaging in noise prevention/soundproofing, housing builders, landscape gardeners

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