New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 (The 15th small and mid-size companies Comprehensive Exhibition Tokyo)

New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 Exhibition Outline

Period Nov. 27 (Wed) through Nov. 29 (Fri) , 2019 at 10:00~17:00
Venue at Tokyo Big Site South 1・2 Hall (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Exhibiting enterprises about 380 companies (estimate)
Organizer Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN
Support The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Japan Patent office,Kanto Bureau of Economy, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan External Trade Organization, Japan International Cooperation Agency, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry, National Federation of Small Business Associations, Japan Finance Corporation, The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd., Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd., The National Conference of the Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs

about the New Value Creation Exhibition

The new value in "New Value Creation Exhibition " is not limited to innovative products and technologies only. Many examples are useful for the enterprises to expand their sales channels by adding ideas to the existing familiar products, technologies, and services, and providing them as new value. As a way to explore for effective sales channels in the New Value Creation Exhibition, by making use of and combining the strength of products, technologies, and services that you have, we contribute to resolving the issues in the society as well as in the industry and aim for developing and expanding new markets.

New Value Creation Exhibition 2019

The ability to bring change, to create, to sustain

It is an exhibition aiming for such that cooperation building, co-creation, and business matching between R & D, Business Planning, Marketing divisions of large and medium-sized enterprises which seek new ideas and technologies and the enterprises which aim for handling new products and services.
Why don't we send out our own strength, attractiveness at "New Value Creation Exhibition 2019" , and create new value together?

New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 eligible exhibition fields

In "New Value Creation Exhibition 2019", we hereby set up three themes that have been recently drawing an attention and are zoning them in the exhibition per theme-category. This is taking into account that the visitors can smoothly access to the exhibitors information and can promote business matching efficiently by choosing the theme that are the closest to the contents of a business and the preferences of matching contents that you are looking for.

  • Industry & Technology -Production technology, new materials, IoT, robotics-
    Processing, molding, junction, surface fabrication
    Processing machines/technology, precision processing, surface treatment / surface modification / coating, adhesion/joining, design/production engineering, metal molds, 3D printers
    machine component, equipment
    Motors / pumps / screws / springs / axle bearings / gears / seals, tools/consumables/supplies, manufacturing apparatuses
    Electrical and electronics equipment
    Electronic circuits/parts, embedding technology, lighting instruments/technology, electronic/electric instruments
    Physical and chemical equipment, optical equipment
    Test/experiment instruments, optical instruments / cameras / image sensors
    Information, communication
    IoT, AI, ICT/information/communication/networking, information processing, image processing
    material, subject matter
    Metallic materials, resins/plastics/rubbers, ceramics/glass, nano materials / carbon fiber, functional materials, lubricants / abrasion-resistant materials / low-abrasion materials, biomaterials, fibers/paper/pulp/etc.
    Control regulation, automatic driving, safety, security
    Control instruments, automatic driving / automation, safety/security
    Measurement, analytical equipment, sensor
    Analysis/measurement/inspection/test apparatuses and all sorts of instruments, sensors
    Robot, drone
    Various robotics, robotic components, drones, related products/technologies
    softwear, system
    Software/systems (related to monodzukuri (manufacturing technology))
    Contract manufacturing service
    (test production/OEM)
    Commissioned design engineering, commissioned design, commissioned test production, other commissioned services
    Others under this theme that do not fall under the categories above
  • Health & Welfare -Health, prevention, medicine, nursing care-
    Clinical, treatment
    Medical instruments for treatment: syringes, catheters, blood collection/transfusion instruments, suture instruments, endoscopes, radiation therapy instruments, laser therapy instruments, lithodialysis apparatuses, ultrasonic therapy instruments, gamma knives, etc.
    Diagnosis, preservation
    Medical instruments for diagnosis: diagnostic imaging systems (CT, MRI, angiography, ultrasonic diagnosis apparatuses, etc.), measuring and monitoring systems for physiological phenomena (sphygmomanometers, cardiac output monitors, electrocardiographs, electromyographs, pulse oximeters, etc.), medical sampling test instruments (automated clinical chemistry analyzers, blood test instruments, etc.), instruments for facilities (aspirators, irrigation instruments, operating tables, lighting instruments, sterilization/disinfection instruments, etc.), X-ray-related apparatuses and utensils
    In-home care products, monitoring service
    Oxygen concentrators for medical use, liquid oxygen vaporization supply apparatuses, respiration regulators, internal liquid oxygen supply apparatuses, pulse oximeters, CPAP, sleep analysis apparatuses, oxygen respiration regulators and the like, in-hospital wandering monitoring and fall detection systems, motion sensor detection systems, ultrasonic bed exit sensors, monitoring assistance instruments (for use a nursing care facilities), urgent notification services, etc.
    Nursing care, rehabilitation
    Physical fitness measuring apparatuses, movement analysis apparatuses, medical fitness, upright walking training instruments, whirlpools, treadmills, ADL training apparatuses, walking support instruments, self-help devices, wheelchairs, bathing apparatuses, physical therapy apparatuses, aphasia rehabilitation support systems, speech therapy tables, etc.
    Robot, remote medical care
    Endoscopic surgery robots, surgery support robots, nursing care robots, robot suits, power assist suits, patient transfer robots, toilet assistance, automatic excrement treatment apparatuses, bathing assistance, walking assistance robots, upper limb function assistance robots, communication robots, security robots, capsule endoscopy, etc.
    Diagnosis support, analysis, sensor
    Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) apparatuses, medical big data analysis systems, gene analysis systems, wearable instruments, digital radiography instruments, brain wave sensors, thermistor sensors, bed exit sensors, blood glucose level sensors, blood oxygen concentration sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors, imaging sensors, motion sensors, inertia sensors, pressure sensors, etc.
    Others under this theme that do not fall under the categories above
  • Green & Community -Environment, disaster prevention, social and regional issues-
    Environment reform, conservation
    Environmental measurement apparatuses, pollution prevention technology / related products, waste treatment/reduction, biodegradable materials and related technologies/products
    Energy saving, recycle
    Energy-efficient instruments/equipment, the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle)
    Hydrogen, fuel battery
    Fuel cells (hydrogen, LNG, LPG, methanol, etc.), fuel-cell vehicles, technologies related to hydrogen storage
    Secondary battery
    Lithium-ion batteries, lead batteries, metal–air cells, other chargeable batteries, charging technologies (wireless charging, rapid charging, etc.)
    Regenerable energy
    Solar cells, solar thermal power generation, water power generation, wind power generation, geothermal power generation, tidal power generation, technologies related to renewable energy
    Smart grid
    Electrical networks, smart meters, surveillance systems, communication modules, monitoring systems, small-scale distributed power generation
    High function building material, high efficiency building
    Building materials with features such as strong / lightweight / high thermal insulation / high sound insulation / weather resistant, green wall, green roof, task and ambient lighting, net-zero-energy building, net-zero-energy house
    Disaster defence, crime-prevention
    Technologies and products related to earthquake resistance / aseismic base isolation / lightning protection and other disaster prevention or mitigation, security cameras and other technologies and products related to crime prevention, observation/testing/prediction apparatuses related to disaster prevention (inclinometers, monitoring apparatuses, automatic levees, etc.)
    Efficiency-promotion of agriculture, forestry, fishing industries
    Remote management/monitoring systems, production management systems, cloud services, robots / assistance instruments, traceability systems, materials for use in agriculture, forestry, or fishery
    Others under this theme that do not fall under the categories above
  • Industry & Technology -Production technology, new materials, IoT, robotics-

    Production technology, IoT, New materials, Robotics

    Processing / molding / joining / surface treatment; Machinery parts / instruments; Electrical and electronic instruments; Physics and chemistry machinery / optical instruments; Information/communication; Raw materials / ingredients; Control/automated/safety/security; Measurement / analysis instruments / sensors; Robotics/drones; Software/systems; Commissioned services (test production / OEM); Other
  • Health & Welfare -Health, prevention, medicine, nursing care-

    Health, Prevention, Medicine, Nursing care

    Clinical/treatment; Diagnosis/prevention; Home care products / monitoring; Nursing care / rehabilitation; Robots / remote medicine; Raw materials / ingredients; Diagnosis support / analysis / sensors; Other
  • Green & Community -Environment, disaster prevention, social and regional issues-

    Environment, Disaster prevention, Social and regional issues

    Environmental improvement/conservation; Energy efficiency / recycling; Hydrogen/fuel cells; Rechargeable batteries; Renewable energy; Smart grids; Highly functionable building materials / high-efficiency building designs; Disaster/crime prevention; Higher efficiency for agriculture, forestry, or fishery; Other

Themes for New Value Creation Exhibition 2019

Productivity improvement and SDGs
Sustainable Development Goals; 17 Goals to Transform Our World

In addition to the basic domain of creating new value and opening up new markets, the New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 will be held with the themes productivity improvement, a vital issue globally, and SDGs, an international guideline that enterprises should follow as citizens of Earth. In developing the direction, we will highlight them as major presentations on the main stage program and focus on showcasing notable cases in a special exhibit. We are also considering setting the themes as crossing the boundaries of the three fields exhibited (Industry & Technology, Health & Welfare, and Green & Community) and creating subzones. These themes have also been incorporated into our visual identity. Our slogan “The ability to bring change, to create, to sustain” is a summary of the productivity improvement and sustainable development initiatives resulting from dramatically transforming development, manufacturing, and management duties. The infinity-shaped logo featuring the colors of the 17 SDGs represent the unlimited potential arising from improving productivity and implementing SDGs in business and the intent to continue them without end, not as a passing phase.

Features of the New Value Creation Exhibition

The New Value Creation Exhibition is a business matching event for small- and medium-sized enterprises and venture enterprises from all over Japan to exhibit at to meet attendees from a wide variety of business types assembling from all over Japan in one place, to make new connections of people and information to create new value.

  • A comprehensive exhibition of 29 categories in 3 fields

    Because this is a comprehensive exhibition, the combination of products, technology, and services of all the companies will be an opportunity to create new value, leading to matched businesses and expanded business.

  • Small- and medium-sized enterprises and venture enterprises are the focus

    Monodzukuri (manufacturing technology) and production processes of small- and medium-sized enterprises can influence product planning or development systems in major enterprises and lead to new monodzukuri of co-creation regardless of enterprise size.

  • New discoveries

    Often, the use of a product or something obvious to the maker receives unexpected attention. Business negotiations with major enterprises or buyers can lead to the development of new values.