Stage program


Main Stage

A1 10:30~11:30 Capacity 200 People Place:Main stage

Keynote AI-Driven Innovation and Eco-System Strategies in the Age of IoT

Mr.Kazuyuki Motohashi
University of Tokyo, School of Engineering
Economics and Management Studies of innovation,
The potential of AI-driven innovation is expanding through technologies like deep learning and data visualization. Come learn about innovation ecosystem strategies to turn those possibilities into profits.
A2 12:00~13:00 Capacity 200 People Place:Main stage

The Latest in Robot Cars! ~The Impact of Practical Use of Autonomous Driving Technology~

Mr.Hisashi Taniguchi
ZMP Inc.
CEO & President
In recent years, the world has been looking beyond conventional car-based societies as robot companies and IT enterprises focus on self-driving car research. Some labs are even making low-speed delivery robots that can travel on sidewalks. ZMP is using open self-driving technology to start a revolution in the transportation of people and make impossible dreams come true. Discussion will use real case examples to illustrate implementation.

A3 13:30~15:00 Capacity 200 People Place:Main stage

Panel Discussion A Bright Future: Breakthrough Technologies in Sustainability

Breakthroughs in the hot field of SDGs (sustainable development goals). Fresh ideas that break the limits of conventional approaches. Where did your inspiration come from, and how did you make it a reality? Compare common qualities of new value creation in a deeper discussion.

Mr.Masaaki Takano
Mr.Atsushi Shimizu
Challenergy Inc.
Mr.Tokuro Hatori
TBM Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Dept.
Sustainability Accelerator
Mr.Keigo Awata
Japan Research Institute, Ltd.

A4 15:30~16:30 Capacity 200 People Place:Main stage

Health Management: Building New Value in Business & the Current Direction of the Healthcare Industry

Mr.Kazumi Nishikawa
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Healthcare Industry Dept. Manager
The population of Japan is aging to an extreme unlike anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile, there is an increase in companies using the hot topic of health management to build new value, and the creation of new technologies that support healthcare workers, help prevent dementia, and reduce the need for nursing care. Learn more about METI’s projects and policies on this topic.

Sub Stage

AS1 10:30~11:20 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

International Strategies and Methods to Promote Taiwan-Japan Small Business Collaboration

Mr.Jay Yang
Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
Taiwan-Japan Small Business Collaboration Platform (TJSCP)
Project Leader
Small and medium businesses in Japan are currently decreasing in number, and suffering from a lack of successors. Partnership with Taiwanese companies can utilize the skilled techniques of small businesses to create new development. TJSCP is ready to help small businesses collaborate.
AS2 11:30~12:20 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

International Bringing New Market Opportunities to Japan: Taiwanese IoT and AI Tech

Mr.Kenichi Okina
Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
Taiwan-Japan Small Business Collaboration Platform (TJSCP)
Taiwan is a major player in the recent globalization of IoT, with mutual economic benefits for Japan-Taiwan partnerships. Learn more about expanding Japanese manufacturing to more countries in the international market, and IoT in Japan-Taiwan collaborations.
AS3 12:50~13:50 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

Overseas expansion Free Assistance! Government Support for Overseas Expansion

Mr.Hideaki Nakataka
SMRJ: Organization For Small & Medium Enterprises And Regional Innovation, Japan 
Marketing Support Dept., Internationalization Advisor
Do you want to sell overseas, but don’t know how to start? SMRJ is a government project that offers free support to small businesses. Learn more about what we do and how we can help from real case examples. Do you think your concerns are too big, or too small? This seminar is ideal for companies who are feeling unsure.
AS4 14:00~14:50 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

Intellectual property rights JPO Small Business Support: Business Management & Intellectual Property

Mr.Kenta Hato
Japan Patent Office 
General Support Dept., Industrial Property Rights Specialist
This seminar is ideal for small business owners who are struggling with intellectual property management. Learn more about the importance and benefits of intellectual property from real case examples. Come see the variety of support that JPO offers for small businesses.
AS5 15:00~15:50 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

Standards New Markets Standards Systems: Strategic Utilization of Standards for Small & Medium Businesses

Mr.Takashi Shiozawa
Japanese Standards Association (JSA)
Standards Development Center, Standards Support Unit, New Markets Support Team
Standards Advisor
Standards systems for creating new markets are an important step to improve reliability and market differentiation when small businesses sell their valuable skills and products to the domestic and international markets. Learn more about the system supporting the standardization of performance evaluation, and how it helps speed up the standards process.
AS6 16:00~16:50 Capacity 50 People Place:Sub stage

Medicine-Engineering Collaboration New Partnerships in Medicine & Engineering: Three Techniques for First-Time Companies

Mr.Toshihiko Kashino
Commons for Medicine and Engineering Japan (COME Japan) 
Managing Director
Kangaeru Gakkou, Inc. 
Companies that are new to the medical equipment industry can proceed easily by starting as a supplier of parts and materials to equipment manufacturers. Learn more about how to connect with medical equipment manufacturers and start getting orders from real case examples.

Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Stage

AH1 13:00~13:50 Capacity 30 People Place:Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Stage

Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Open Innovation at Oita University Hospital ~Fusing Academia and Industry Tech~

Mr.Hirofumi Anai
Oita University
Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Engineering Research Center
The Faculty of Medicine at Oita University is working to promote the fusion of medine-engineering, academia-industry-government collaborations and other industries to develop new medical and welfare equipment. Projects include opening clinical sites, developing tools to assist in medicine and welfare, studying medical safety and medical business, information management, and other innovative research support.
AH2 14:00~14:50 Capacity 30 People Place:Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Stage

Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Medicine-Engineering Collaborations at NCGM ~Japanese Medical Equipment: Serving Clinics At Home & Overseas~

Mr.Shoji Fukuda
National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Promotion Office for Medine-Engineering Collaboration
Part-Time Doctor
(Tokyo Medical University Cardiovascular Surgery Associate Professor)
It is extremely important that medine-engineering collaboration between the medical sites, OEM and ODM should begin from the primary planning stage. Come hear about our seamless medine-engineering collaboration projects in Japan and beyond.