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G-026 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒174-0041 Tokyo1-8-3, Funado, Itabashiku, Tokyo, Japan   TEL: +81-362798124

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new cooling feeling like the breeze

"Ventilation suits" is our products which bring in the fresh air by the small fan attatched to the suits. And by circulating plenty of wind on the body surface, sweat will be vaporized and make wearer actually feel cooler. The required energy is tremendously smaller than air conditioning which makes this products eco-friendly. Please try and feel our product.

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We always try to develop better ventilation suits and ventilated sheet and intoroduce internationally. With our products we try to save the energy to cool down the heat and contribute to the environmental solution. We like to produce the natural cooling society for healthier and more comfortable life.
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We lend our ventilation suits to the actual working site of our customers for free

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