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I-153 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒570-0011 Osaka1-58-11, Kindacho, Moriguchishi, Osaka, Japan   TEL: +81-669023365

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Miniature Spin Coater UVLED Irradiator Solar Simulator

Miniature Spin Coater UVLED Irradiator Solar Simulator

We need it, but we do not have space, we are in trouble… How about spin coater / optical equipment of NOW DATA!!

Creative space of "light" and "equipment" we will support total design, optical design, electronic control design, sheet metal machine design. You can see the solar cell evaluation system including our new product the ultra-small spin coater, the high power UVLED irradiator (each type spot, area, line), the solar simulator exclusive for the glove box.

Required co-creator / business partner

Lathe machining company corresponding to a small lot (hopefully in the Kansai area)

Enterprise information
Business guide
Creative space NOW DATA of "light" and "device" is a small company in Osaka, ... Total support for optics, electronic control, software, sheet metal machine design. We will respond to customer's demands from development, manufacturing to sales. We also offer our own brand standard equipment, we are offering to a wide range of fields both domestic and overseas.
Dealing structure
We also support research prototypes, mass production machines for production. We also offer our own brand products.

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