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〒410-0315 Shizuoka112-2, Momozato, Numazushi, Shizuoka, Japan   TEL: +81-559672185 Representative  Chikara Muramatsu

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Provide a comfortable and refreshing living environment by aiming at healthy longevity of buildings and waterproof layers with a solar degassing waterproofing system

You can see the flow of moisture (air) inside the roof top and the waterproof layer by solar degassing waterproofing system. It is registered in the new technology information system NETIS of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (TH - 120012 - A Japan Waterproof Construction Development Council), and Unite has a license agreement with the modified asphalt sheet waterproof specification.

Required co-creator / business partner

Architecture, Design, Condominium management, Company, Factory

Enterprise information
Business guide
We mainly develop and sell waterproof materials nationwide, mainly based on our own brand of Unite sheet. We have our own industrial association, work on developing new technologies and products and pursue reduction of waterproof waste materials and CO2 emissions from the environmental aspect as well as achieve zero emissions at the construction site.
Dealing structure
Sales inquiries and suggestions, such as on-site surveys and suggestions, are available.