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S-505 Special Exhibition

〒140-0013 Tokyo   TEL: +81-364046758

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? Non-burnable external insulation system ~ Asecco external insulation system". ? It is strong against "scratches / dirt"! Awesome Floor ~ Pergo Floor".

? The outer heat insulation system of Alseco has the property that all members pass water vapor from the insulation material constituting the outer insulation to the surface material.
Moisture can be escaped to the outside, it matches Japan's humid climate.
? Pergo floor is an innovative flooring material that eliminates "nori" and "kugi" with five innovative technologies. It is hard to get dirty and has characteristics that are difficult to fade.

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Having started with the retail of construction materials, we are now the maker that conducts housing construction themselves at the same time.
In the current times that society matures, and sustainable environmental response is required, the business domain of HOKUSHU spreads to the field of large wooden buildings and renovation. We believe that HOKUSHU's mission is to provide zero energy houses and to disseminate the high performance materials to many regions.
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