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I-050 NAVI now exhibiting General Exhibition

〒526-0021 Shiga1, Yawatanakayamacho, Nagahamashi, Shiga, Japan   TEL: +81-749623251

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fabric casting with excellent design, complex casting, robot trimming

We have molding technology which can do deep drawing at the uniform thickness. Our molded products are bearutiful and excellent in design, and we can cast the composite shaped material (reverse taper in many direction). We can do the continuous casting of composite materials (film + bonded fabric + plastic etc.) which is said to be difficult generally. We are especially good at the casting with strong QCD which we have many experiences in automobile industry. We can cast the bonded textile ( targeted weight 100-2,000/m2),plastic, film (thermoplastic material), surface skin(fabric, chloroethene)

Required co-creator / business partner

Material manufacturer who can cooperate with our casting business

Enterprise information
Business guide
We are the fabric processing producer. We can do cutting, sewing and molding from luminated material in integrated system. Our major products are automobile interior parts (urethane molded secondary material, head rest, arm rest). Other products are sheet cover for train, office chair cover, luminate processing for furniture, shoes, bag, insole, flooring material.
Dealing structure
We can correspond to test product of research development driven products, and 1 piece test product.

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