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P-012 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (yamanashishi shokokai)

〒404-0014 Yamanashi514, Makiokachohayabusa, Yamanashishi, Yamanashi, Japan   TEL: +81-553353033

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Screw house

Our company conducts plastic working of screws and parts by wire forming as raw material, by pressing (head) processing and rolling (rolling) processing. As production size, we are capable to manufacture M1.0 ~ M6.0.

Required co-creator / business partner

The enterprise who perform designing and assembling for the wide range of industries.

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Our company has continued pursuit of quality improvement and high added value required by users from design and manufacturing of various screw products for over 40 years since our foundation. The function of the screw is the hinge function of connecting an object and an object. A small screw manufactured by our company continues to supporting a strong finished product from inside as one of the assembly parts.
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