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P-004 NAVI now exhibiting Public Exhibition (Nagano Prefectural Federation of Small BusinessAssociations)

〒380-0928 Nagano4-17-20, Wakasato, Naganoshi, Nagano, Japan   TEL: +81-262274188

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After obtaining long-term fixed point flight and acquiring GPS coordinates, we introduce UAV for the fixed point observation duration. (fixed type).

We conduct consistent technological development, not only surveying design survey, ecological monitoring, etc. but also disaster prevention, disaster support, artificial intelligence AI analysis and seminar etc. are carried out. Moreover, in the multi-snowy area, research and development of efficiency of solar power generation and melting snow technology etc. in the winter for the purpose of "changing snow to blessing" are developed, and a regional type social circulation model etc. are developing.

Required co-creator / business partner

Disaster-related municipalities, academic research institutions, etc.

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The use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for surveying, ecosystem investigation, inspection, disaster etc. is rapidly progressing. We have been promoting collaborative research and technology development for UAV that has made it possible that aircraft capable of doing no sudden crash (safety), correspondence by application (functionality), long-term fixed point observation (flight time) . Those who are interested, we would like you to stop by our booth.
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