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〒761-1404 Kagawa464-1, Konanchoyokoi, Takamatsushi, Kagawa, Japan   TEL: +81-878790880

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Puncture resistance gloves

 Puncture resistance gloves

protection against hand injury. Our anti-sticking gloves will protect your hand in every aspect, top of the hand, palm, even stiching

We are specializing in making dust-free gloves which is ideal for detailed-oriented task. In the category of worker's accident protection, our anti-stkicking gloves are clean and very workable. We can change the material, design according to the customer's needs and also correspond to small lot, made-to-order.

Required co-creator / business partner

corporation who is engaging in industrial accident prevention with the protection equipment for individual

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We make clean fitting gloves which is crucial for quality control for the industries like electronics parts, semiconductor, medicine, automobile and food. We make anti-sticking gloves and mouse-catching gloves, medical purpose gloves in the domestic production line and correspond to small lot production (without molding by laser cutting) and order made.
Dealing structure
We can make fabric products from 1 piece. Available for overseas deal