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〒371-0114 Gunma191-1, Fujimimachitajima, Maebashishi, Gumma, Japan   TEL: +81-272887711

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Bacteria Self-cheker mil-kin

Bacteria Self-cheker mil-kin

It is the generation which we can see the fungus on the scene

Adopted as "New market creation-driven standardization" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This device will be useful as the enhancement tools for hygiene control at the food processing factory or cooking places. It can detect and check the fungus and dirt on the scene and we will standardize the performance property evaluation of this product.

Required co-creator / business partner

distributors, optics manufacturer, fabrication campany

Enterprise information
Business guide
We have been engaging in electrolysis water for more than 30 years and we can make any proposal about speedy and ideal product or system for the customers of any industries (the purpose of use, budget etc.) We developed bacteria self-checker "mil-kin" which visualizes fungus by using smart phone.
Dealing structure
We can evaluate the samples (such as fungus) on demand

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